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Timeline, Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City (coloquially "the Met")

There are probably thousands of books about China's history, good for reading and probably in-depth study.  However, by and large they are not the best tool for exploring history in perspective.  With the advance of computer and internet, digital timeline (referred to as "timeline" from now on) has emerged as a better tool for exploring histotry.  For example, while reading China's history on a timeline one can easily access the artworks of the same period.  As another example, while reading the history Tang Dynasty in China, one can easily access what was happening in, say, Europe around the same period of time.

HeritageEast recommends using the following timeline from Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met") to explore China's history, art and culture:

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

This timeline pairs essays and works of art with chronologies.  Although it is primarily about art history, it contains a wealth of writings (essays) about the political background and social changes taking place in the period of your interest.  The timeline covers China from [8000-2000 B.C.] to [1900 A.D.-present].  It is a tool for exploring China's past in a global context.

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Timeline, National Museum of Asian Art, Washington, DC

This museum also has an interesting timeline called:

Timeline of Chinese History, Art, and Culture

It is more suitable as a tool for teaching China to the middle school students.

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